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Hello - how are you today, aspiring marketer? I'm here to give you a blueprint to follow that will ensure you are setup for a lifelong career path in Digital Marketing.

I built a road map for myself when I was in my teens to ensure I'd have a valuable skill set, no matter what happened in life. I've used that skill set innumerable times to navigate many niches in the industry. I feel as though I've developed enough insight that it would be of help to someone who is pondering their career path.

Which brings me to this article. I've set forth to explain to you how you can begin a super fruitful career in digital marketing, with no degree involved.

It's never too early to begin building your digital marketing skill set.

It's never too early to begin building your digital marketing skill set. If you can demonstrate and articulate a certain level of expertise, it will land you a role even though you have no professional experience.

You will build this repertoire of abilities by learning them and then utilizing them in a real world situation on your own. You can even offer to lend your expertise for free in exchange for the experience - the sky is the limit.

In order to be a powerhouse digital marketer, it is crucial that you are able to not only be skilled in each of the specialized areas of digital marketing, but that you are also able to see a thousand-foot view across the entire horizon. This is required when it comes to building out marketing plans which, by the way, is one of the most overlooked skills that people fail to master.

So, to begin with, you are going to want to become highly proficient in the following areas:

  • Agile Business Methodology & Project Management
  • Organizational Management, Communications & Cross-Training
  • Creative Writing, Poetry & Neuro-linguistics
  • PPC
  • UX & Conversion-Rate Optimization
  • Email Campaign Management & Deliverability Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Servers, API’s & Javascript
  • Automation & Growth Hacking

*In future editions of this guide, I will go into each of these areas much more in-depth.

However, what you need to know is that all of these areas are crucial to your ability to understand the entire digital marketing landscape or in other words -how different parts of the machine work together to produce a running engine.

Did you know you can hone all of these skills on your own by setting up an online store?!

We'll set 3 or 4 somewhat lofty goals, but not unachievable goals.

Edgar D. Wang

In order to get started with your online store, you will need the following:

  • Brand/Identity
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • WordPress Template
  • Affiliate Account for Product
  • Slack, or Project Management App

What will you do with these? You will set up an online store in a particular niche and use all the elements of digital marketing to grow your store and after a few years of hard work doing this, you'll have more know-how than the people who just got a 4-year degree and have no tangible experience.

Again, tune in for a future addition to get exactly how this is done successfully - or reach out to me if you'd like to hire me for my guidance with this whole process.

But, essentially what you will want to do is:

1 . Use SEMRush to identify low-to-medium competitive keywords that are commercially oriented and show intent to buy. You will capitalize on this to make your online store successful.

2. Decide on a brand name that hasn't been used and one that has either the .Com - .Co or .Shop domain extension available - preferably the .Com!

3. Google "Free Logo Generator" and create a brand to fit your online store. You can then screenshot the logo and use Photoshop's "magic eraser" tool to crop the logo for free

4. Choose a WordPress theme that passes's speed score with a rating of either A or B, and that also has the kind of look/feel you want for your store

5. Using coupons and deals, set up cheap/reliable WordPress hosting - Siteground is usually great for hosting and I like as a domain registrar

6. Open a TXT file and type out your brand, your brand with a tag line, as well as a more elaborate snippet for "About Us" sections of social media profiles, as well as a couple paragraphs for something such as LinkedIn. Ensure you utilize SEO to properly formulate these snippets and they will be your lifeblood moving forward

7. Install the WordPress theme on your server, set it all up including About Us, Products, Blog, Contact Us & Customer Service

8. Once you've filled-in an adequate amount of content on all of the pages, get a plugin for WordPress like WooCommerce and set it up with Amazon in the product niche you chose earlier. You'll be using digital marketing to reach buyers in a targeted way, within a niche that has opportunity and you'll be using Amazon as a backbone to provide all of the products and logistics for you

9. Utilizing the "agile" methodology, you don't want to spend forever making your website perfect/ When you feel you have a "minimum viable product" (read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries for more on that) then it is time to go!

Chapter 3: Building That Momentum...

Now that you have a physical property online to market and a brand to build - the fun begins. After you've spent the time registering all of your social media accounts, business listings, etc. it is critical to now build a marketing plan, which we will create in the form of a 12-month road map.

Your road map and your ability to work from it will decide whether you fail or succeed. But how do you build out a road map? I'm going to explain the basics, but refer to a future edition or contact me directly if you seek my specific guidance with this.

What will you do with these?

Edgar D. Wang


  • First Page Ranking for 10 Top Keywords
  • $5000 A Month In Revenue
  • 20 Repeat Customers Sourced via Email Campaigns
  • 30 Backlinks from Mainstream Press or Influencer Mentions

Now, how do you think we're going to achieve those goals? Simple - map out Milestones on our road map that move us toward that goal, little by little.


  • 3-Months.. First page ranking for 1 of our Top Keywords, $500 Revenue, 1 Repeat Customer via Email & 5 Major Backlinks
  • 6-Months.. First page ranking for 5 of our Top Keywords, $1500 Revenue, 5 Repeat Customer via Email & 10 Major Backlinks
  • 9-Months.. First page ranking for 7 of our Top Keywords, $3000 Revenue, 7 Repeat Customer via Email & 15 Major Backlinks
  • 12-Months.. First page ranking for 10 of our Top Keywords, $5000 Revenue, 20 Repeat Customer via Email & 30 Major Backlinks

OK, how do we go about achieving our milestones? Tasks!


Our tasks are what we do on a daily basis to achieve our milestones and our milestones are what we achieve to bring about our end-goals a year from now.

This is an extremely crucial part of the process and should require the utmost effort because this is the fuel that determines how well your race car does in the race. The better you get at marketing, the easier it is to build out tasks because you've done everything many times, so you can estimate how long it will take instinctively. I will elaborate on this in future editions, or you can contact me directly for my expertise, but let me get you started.

You'll want to go through each week of your First 3 Months on the Road Map and fill your time with tasks that will theoretically lend a hand toward your Milestone.

I'll assist you in building out an example of one week:

 10 Hours* / SEO & On-Site Content Creation - You'll want to beef up the content on your site and as a product of having SEO built into everything you do by default, it'll help your search rankings.

⦁ 10 Hours* / Merchandising - You'll want to play around with your Product plugin's ability to bundle products, offer discounts or coupons and better present your merchandise in order to boost your conversion rates.

⦁ 10 Hours* Off-Site Content Creation - Since you're just starting, you won't have a ton of traffic. A great way to begin getting traffic is by creating really boss video content for TikTok, Instagram & YouTube. You can also create really boss written content, such as what you're reading now. Perhaps, you begin a blog/vlog that acts as sort of a journal detailing your journey to having a successful online store?!

⦁ 5 Hours* Analytics & Analysis - Set aside some time at the end of each week to go through your Google Analytics, as well as other analytics and stats to get an overall feel for what is happening currently, where you might be taking off, where you might need to improve, etc. 

Now, what you want to do when building out your road map is prioritize things well. Once you study SEO, you'll understand that you can get some quick wins from low-hanging fruit during the first few months, however, it will take 6-18 months to see the true fruits of an SEO campaign.

Bearing this in mind, it will be of great benefit to you if you focus a ton on building up a presence on social media and utilizing video in the beginning.

Congratulations! You've dedicated an entire year to something that you are passionate abou

Congratulations! You've dedicated an entire year to something that you are passionate about while many others have sat around doing nothing, waiting for the world to hand them something.

Did you hit your goals? Exceed them? Or perhaps, you came up short? In any case, I guarantee you've learned a boatload. At this point in the game, you've only just begun. If you have any traction at all, I suggest you keep pushing ahead. If it has been an utter failure, then it should be obvious to you why this is so.

Take stock of your road map, milestones, tasks and their outcomes. Gather an idea of why you failed and put together a game plan to build strength in these shortcomings. I suggest either pushing ahead, or re-doing your website, either with a new brand/product type/niche - perhaps you've decided you don't like e-Commerce, but you do have an intense knowledge of video games so you'd like to re-do your project with instead a focus on creating a blog about video games.

 It is totally fine to pivot at this point, however, I strongly suggest that you begin with the online store, as I've specifically chosen that for you due to the knowledge and expertise it will build into you as a marketer. You will now have the skills to begin recognizing your strengths & weaknesses. The important thing at this point is to not shy away from your weaknesses and focus on your strengths - that is what everyone will be doing. Are you on this earth to be like everyone else, or to be a unique and valuable entity in control of your own destiny?

You'll want about 4 or 5 years of experience in the trenches to completely outshine anyone you're competing wit

You'll want about 4 or 5 years of experience in the trenches to completely outshine anyone you're competing with whom has a 4-year degree yet no experience. The best age to get into this is around 15, so that you begin blossoming into the super mega digital marketing powerhouse that you're destined to be, way before your counterparts who just take a liking to the field when it's time to go to college.

At that point, especially if you were successful with your online store, you'll be able to get your foot in the door almost anywhere. Not only that, but by mastering all the areas I laid out in the beginning of this write-up, you'll have the ability to include a large amount of variation into the jobs you're qualified for. You'll be able to do anything from SEO, Social Media, PPC, E-Commerce Specialist, to perhaps even Senior SEO Specialist or Digital Marketing Manager. You should be able to get $40-50,000/year as an SEO Specialist no problem.

Once you start your professional experience, you'll really see the value in all of this work beforehand.

Final Chapter: The Professional Landscape & Beyond...

The best thing about following my blueprint, is the fact that you can pretty much guarantee yourself what income you'll be able to achieve by what age.

Utilizing my vast experience in the job market, I can map out the following, which includes years of experience and general salary range. The salary is based on a mid-sized employer and can either go up or down, depending on the specific employer.

Digital Marketing Experience-to-Salary Ratio:

⦁ 4 Years & Under / $40-50,000/year

⦁ 5 to 7 Years / $55-70,000/year

⦁ 7 to 12 Years / $75-95,000/year

⦁ 12 to 20 Years / $95-500,000/year

Your career trajectory fits into basically four groups, as I've outlined above.

Levels of Digital Marketing Expertise

⦁ Specialist

⦁ Senior Specialist

⦁ Manager/Director

⦁ VP/President/CMO

Do you want to be able to know with a great deal of certainty that no matter what else happens in your life, you'll be able to get a great job within a considerable salary range and afford yourself the luxury of being able to leap forward in your income bracket by tens of thousands of dollars every few years? Then digital marketing is the career - and passion - for you. Because, only those who are passionate about this area of study and truly love it, will reach the most success.

If you think about it - no matter what the economy looks like, there will always be products, services and companies that are profitable and in need of marketing expertise to expand that profit. So, it's basically one of the best guarantees you can make yourself to future-proof your career choice.

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